Thursday, June 5, 2014

Some Gave All

Lins Creations has an amazing new kit out called Some Gave All.
This is kit is for those who have family in the armed forces or anyone who had a grand-parent, parent who served in any wars. This kits is in memory and honour of them.

This kit contains 101 elements and 35 papers and is available HERE

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lins Creations, Two new kits

Lins Creations has two new kit's out, this first one is called Out of this world, this is another super kit.
It contains 108 elements, 45 papers and 4 quickpages.
This kit is available in the following store's.
Here are the previews.

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The second kit is called Greek tragedy.
This kit contains 121 elements, 63 papers and 3 quickpages.
You can find this kit in the following store's.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New pages using An amazing adventure

Another two pages using Kate and Lins Creations collab, kit called An amazing adventure, This kit is available here berryapplicious

I also used a Lins Creations tube named Bella
also available here berryapplicious

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Monday, February 10, 2014

An amazing adventure

Kate and Lins Creations have created another huge kit.
This kit is called An amazing adventure and 
is based on the Narnia stories.
This kit has loads in it and would be perfect for
 all type of scrap pages.
This kit contain  187 elements and 79 papers
and is available here berryapplicious

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Lins Creations Bluebelle kit and template pack

Lins Creations has a stunning new kit out called Bluebelle.
This kit contains 60 elements and 20 papers.
This kit is available in the following stores.
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 This next page i used Lins Creations template pack one.
This pack contains 3 templates. I didn't use any kit's with this just photo's and the template.
This pack is available here berryapplicious

Kitkat79-scrap kit's

My first pages using kitkat79-scrap kit, these two kits are really beautiful kits, this first kit is called A little birdie told me. This kit contains 82 elements, 16 papers,1 torn paper and 6 word art and is available here

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This next kit is called by the sea shore.
This kit contains 93 elements, 14 papers, 
5 glitter papers and 4 card stock
and is available here  berryapplicious
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Heart Flutters and i love to read by Across the pond designs

 This first kit is called Heart Flutters by Across the pond designs, this kit is just in time for all those Valentines photo's, this kit contains 62 elements and 33 papers. This kit is available here berryapplicious

 I also used Lins Creations Template pack 2, this pack is available here berryapplicious
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This next kit is called i love to read, this kit contains
49 elements and 24 papers and is available here 
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